5 Best Restaurants In Red River Gorge

Are you traveling to Central Kentucky and looking for the best restaurants in Red River Gorge?

You’re in luck because this beautiful place has the best restaurants for a pre or post-hike meal. Whether you’re looking for a Pizza, Mexican, Italian, vegan, or just a good beer. You will find something here.

Here are our favorite Red River Gorge restaurants:

1. Miguel’s Pizza

Miguel’s Pizza is a must-visit when you go to the Red River Gorge.

This is the most talked about restaurant by tourists and locals. This comes with good reason, the pizza is phenomenal.

If you go on the weekends in the Spring and Summer, you should expect long lines and wait. The good news about big crowds: there is lots of outdoor seating. This outdoor seating includes 10-20 picnic tables.

Right behind Miguel’s Pizza is a campground that is used mostly by campers and rock-climbers. The Red River Gorge is a world class climbing destination so it is a big attraction for them!

We’ve never had an issue with this, because it is a huge place!

Miguel’s Pizza Menu

If you like Pizza, you’d be crazy if you didn’t, you should go for a slice or may even a whole pie. We can promise that you’ll want to take some home with you.

Pair this pizza with an Ale 8 and you’ll be enjoying some of Kentucky’s most delicious food!

2. La Cabana Mexican Restaurant

You may think the La Cabana restaurant is out of place for a Red River Gorge post-hike meal, but you are wrong.

This restaurant has some of the best mexican food you will have. The food menu items range as your typical Mexican restaurant would like:

  • Burritos
  • Tacos
  • Nachos
  • Salads
  • Quesadillas

One of your favorite things about the restaurant is the opportunity to sit outside on the patio and enjoy your meal. It is covered, so if you want to sit outside, but need some shade you can do that!

If you are here for a post-hike meal after a long day, this will hit the spot. La Cabana also features a full bar with delicious drinks and live music.


3. Sky Bridge Station

Sky Bridge Station in the Red River Gorge is your go-to place for local tap beer, hot dogs, quesadillas, and any other bar menu items you may want.

This restaurant is tucked away on the way out of the Red River Gorge. Besides the restaurant, you will find a gear shop, and the hostel is also attached to the restaurant. This is all packed in one cabin.

Sky Bridge Station just 14 miles west of Cliffview offers local craft beer and darts, and there’s a selection of delicious gourmet food. Stop in to get an evening beer while hiking and enjoy great service in a comfortable environment.

Sky Bridge Station offers large breakfast burritos and scrumptious French toast on weekends too!

4. Hop’s

Hop’s is one of our favorite restaurants in Red River Gorge.
Known for its outdoor dining, local foods (with vegan options), and a full bar. The coolest part is this restaurant was built inside a shipping container.

Hop’s main focus is healthy food options to relax and recover from a long hike. These healthy options are packed with Kentucky-local ingredients.

Nick grabbed the sweet potato tacos and added chicken to them. This was perfectly paired with a Rhinegeist beer after a Gorge summit hike.

Instagram: hops_at_rrg

5. Daniel Boone Coffee Shop

The Daniel Boone Coffee Shop is an inviting restaurant on your way through Red River Gorge. It is located in Pine Ridge, Kentucky. The interior has a rustic feel that makes you feel invited as you drink your pre or post hike coffee.

If you are interested in food, they sell that too! You can get Biscuits and Gravy, Quiche of the day, Turkey Swiss Panini, or many more items! All of these are paired great with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee.

Daniel Boone Coffee Shop is a relaxing haven for visitors looking to refuel after a day exploring the Red River Gorge. The laid back atmosphere is one of the best parts of your visit here.



As a hiker, exploring the Red River Gorge is an unforgettable experience.

There is a good chance you will want to come back 3 or 4 more times. Hiking all day in the Gorge leaves you with an appetite.

The Red River Gorge restaurants don’t disappoint when it comes to your hunger. These 5 best restaurants in Red River Gorge are a perfect place to meet other hikers and find new trails and trail friends!

Get to exploring the Red River Gorge and all of its restaurants too!

Best Restaurants in Red River Gorge FAQs

What is the best month to visit Red River Gorge?

The best month to visit the Red River Gorge is early spring. At this time you will not find big crowds, but there will still be people. Many things, like restaurants, are opening up after Easter weekend.

What are the most scenic spots in Red River Gorge?

Some of the most popular spots in Red River Gorge are Balanced Rock, Chimney Top Rock, Hanson’s Point, Trail Ridge, and Sky Bridge. There are also lookout points beside the road if you are not a hiker.

What do you wear to Red River Gorge?

You will want to wear hiking clothes to the Red River Gorge and your most comfortable hiking shoes. You should bring water and enough food for 24 hours. It’s always best to plan your food and water for an unexpected overnight adventure.

Does Red River Gorge have waterfalls?

Red River Gorge has many waterfalls you can enjoy. Copperas Falls is located in the Red River Gorge and it is our favorite hike there!