Taking a Santorini Volcano Tour: What to Expect

The Santorini Volcano Tour is the best boat excursion you can take on the island.

Not only do you get to hike a volcano and swim in a hot springs, but you get the chance to view Santorini from the Aegean Sea. Here is a rundown of what you can expect on your adventure to the Santorini Volcano, also known as Nea Kameni.

Nea Kameni - Santorini Volcano Tour
Nea Kameni – Santorini Volcano

Tour Information

Booking the Best Volcano Tour

It is recommended that you book your Santorini Volcano Tour ahead of time, especially during high season.

Most bookings for the volcano tour will have specific time slots and you are required to check in and be there on time. The tour we took had one time slot in the morning and one time slot in the evening.

One of the most important things to check before booking your volcano tour is the duration of the trip. In our experience, there were two different durations offers. 3 hours and 7 hours. 7 hours seems a bit excessive for this type of tour, and that wastes a whole day of exploring the island.

If you are only spending 1 day in Santorini, you probably want to focus on the 3 hour tour. We recommend the 3 hour tour no matter how many days you’re visiting the island.

What to Know Before Your Tour

The Volcano “hike” is considered an easy route, it is more of a walk. But what makes the volcano hike the hardest is the sun beating down on you. Not to mention the hot volcanic surface under your feet.

You are basically sandwiched by heat.

This hike is a 1.6 mile loop trail with no shade and no water sources. If you take the Viator tour like we did, you will go on the hike first. After the hike is over, the boat takes you to the Hot Springs for a swim.

The is a 5 EUR charge at the entrance to the volcano park. This entrance is after the boat takes you to the volcano island.

What to Wear and Bring

Even though this “hike” is considered a walk, it is still recommended you wear hiking shoes or very comfortable shoes.

There is some elevation when you climb up the volcano, you don’t want to be in sandals or any open toe shoe with dirt, dust and rocks. You can also feel the heat under your feet from the volcano.

Since there is no shade on the volcano, you will need water. This should be required. A sun hat would be great to keep some shade on your face. Do anything you can to keep yourself cool. The Santorini sun is nothing to play with, no matter what the thermometer says.

Hiking the Santorini Volcano Tour

Starting Point: Exploring the Old Port of Fira before your Volcano Tour

Most of the Santorini Volcano tours begin at the Old Port of Fira.

Fira is the Capitol of Santorini. This village features shopping, restaurants, hiking, and many other things that would interest you.

To get to the Old Port of Fira you have two options.
1. You ride the cable car down to the port.
2. You ride a donkey down to the port.

#2 shouldn’t even be mentioned as it is frowned upon. If you decide to ride the cable car, it is very simple! The cable car requires you to purchase tickets both ways. But it is relatively cheap and you get a beautiful view of the island!

Once you get down to the Old Port of Fira, there are a few restaurants, souvenier shops, and some vending machines. You will also find the majority of the Travel Tour Agent buildings. This is where you will need to check in for your Volcano tour and get your ticket.

You will wait here at the port until you boat arrives!

Old Port of Fira - Starting Point of Santorini Volcano Tour
Riding the Cable Car to Old Port of Fira

Hiking to the Crater of the Santorini Volcano

The hike around the parameter of the volcano is relatively easy.

This exercise should be called a walk instead of a hike. But it is a very hot hike, considering there is no shade. One of the biggest challenges is the first slight ascent from the boat. After that you are on top of the volcano!

The views of the Aegean Sea and Santorini are breathtaking. It is worth the hike. You will have approximately 1 hour to complete the hike and the boat will leave for the Hot Springs.

Nea Kameni Volcano Information

Distance: 1.6 miles (Loop)
Elevation Gain:
314 ft
Estimated Time:
45 minutes
Easy – Moderate
Nea Kameni Trailhead

Nea Kameni - Santorini Volcano Tour
View from the Santorini Volcano (Nea Kameni)

Taking a Dip in the Volcano Hot Springs of Palea Kameni

After your hike in the sun, you will need to cool off at the Hot Springs.

The Hot Springs is a short boat ride around Nea Kameni. It’s perfect to catch your breath and get some water. When you get to the Hot Springs, it is recommended you take off all jewelry, as the Hot Springs contains sulfur.

The Volcano Tour we took gave us swimming pool noodles to float on in the Hot Springs. These were a game changer because we were tired from the hike. We also felt a weird sensation where the Hot Springs was cold, and we were hot from the hike.

We recommend wearing shoes, if you can, in the hot springs. The bottom of the sea is very rocky here!

Relax and enjoy your time in the Hot Springs. They let you chill out for quite a while here before heading back.

Ending Point: Return to Fira

Your volcano tour boat will take you back where they picked you up, at the Old Port of Fira.

From here you will have the option to grab a bite to eat, or ride the cable car back up to the village. You will want to ride the cable car up, there is way more food up there. Keep in mind the cable car does have a last ride of the day.

This is important to catch unless you want to hike up the hill (which would be terrible) or ride a donkey.

Hiking 3 miles on the Santorini, Greece Volcano (Nea Kameni)

Santorini Volcano Tour FAQs

Is Santorini volcano tour worth it?

Taking a tour to the Santorini Volcano is a must see if you have multiple days in Santorini. If you only have 1 day, you should focus on other things!

Can you see the volcano in Santorini?

From the island of Santorini, you are able to see the volcanic island sitting in the Aegean Sea.

How long does it take to hike the Santorini volcano?

The Santorini volcano hike is a 1.6 mile loop and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Can you walk to the volcano in Santorini?

You can walk around the volcano in Santorini. This trail is a 1.6 mile loop. You can only get to the trailhead by boat.