About Us​

We’re part-time travel bloggers who travel the world during our spare time.
We live in the USA, so a lot of our traveling is here, but we also go to Central America, Europe and anywhere else we see adventure. We are dedicated to share advice on topics and places we have experienced.

Our biggest passion outside of work is traveling and finding new adventures.

We try to find balance between staying home with our dog and cat, but also traveling the world. When we adventure within driving distance, we bring our pup, Luna, with us. She is an avid hiker just like us. We are usually tired before she is!

Who’s Nick?

The adventurer and the finder of shiny objects. I’m Nick. I am a hiker, traveler, mountain biker, and road cyclist. All these hobbies keep me in shape as I sit behind a computer. During the day, I am a Web App Developer turned Engineering Manager and Internet Business Builder

Who’s Adrienne?

The chef and the airline deal finder. I’m Adrienne. I am a traveler and hiker at heart. I am also an indoor enthusiast that loves to make travel plans and cook delicious food! During the day, I am a chemist at a local lab.

In 2022, we adventured to Santorini. This was the first international trip for both of us. To make it even more special, we got engaged on Perissa Beach in Santorini!


We’ve experienced a lot in our time spent traveling, we want to help you out. We hope you find our tips and tricks useful.